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The Veterans Day Parade Group, Inc., is an all volunteer non-profit organization. Our mission: is to organize and execute the Tampa Bay Veterans Day Parade. To honor and thank all U.S. Military Veterans for their sacrifices, promote patriotism in our community, perpetuate a positive image of American Veterans, and foster pride in service to our country.

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Freedom is not Free that is why we honor the Men and Women who have sacrificed for our Freedom! Neither is the Parade.

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2017 Honoree Vinny and Angie

We are honored to announce the 25th Annual Tampa Bay Veterans Parade Honoree is World War II U.S. Army Air Corps Sgt. Vincent “Vinny” Oliverio.

America’s “Greatest Generation” World War II Veteran Vincent “Vinny” Oliverio, 94, is the 2017 Tampa Bay Veterans Parade Honoree.

United States Army Air Corps radio operator Sgt Oliverio began his military career in 1943 at the U.S. Army Training Center in Buffalo, NY. He was trained as a radio operator and became well versed in Morse Code.

His first assignment was in Tampa at Drew Field as a radio operator where the 761st Air Warning Unit was created. After completing training in Tampa, the unit was sent to Hampton Roads, VA and then boarded troop transports for the 29-day trip to Oran Africa.


The 761st Air Warning Unit was a contingent of 60 men split into 6 squadrons of 10. After their time in Africa in early 1944 they headed for the jungles and mountains of Burma in the area known as the Burma Road.

Arriving in India the unit was temporarily assigned to the 88th and 57th Army Air Corps Fighter Groups as radio operators. The mission was to track the Japanese Bombers and Fighters flying through the valleys of the Himalayan Mountains.

The unit lived with the local citizens, including the Infamous Naga Head Hunters, on three different remote Himalayan mountaintops throughout 1944 and early 1945. They moved regularly to avoid detection and their supplies were air dropped.

The final two members of Sgt Oliverio’s squad passed away in the last year leaving Sgt. Oliverio as the last Squad Member. For many decades there was little known of these secret units. Sgt Oliverio’s life long quest to tell his units World War II story is coming to fruition. Robert Lyman, the renowned World War II historical author, will be writing about Sgt Oliverio’s unit in his upcoming 15th book on World War II.

Vinny and Angie spend most of the year in their home in Holiday, Florida and their summers in their hometown of Salamanca, New York.

His ties to Tampa area over these past 74 years make him a well-deserving honoree for the Tampa Bay Veterans Parade on November 11, 2017 Veterans Day.


To download the 8.5 x 11 PDF file of Vinny and Angie Click Here