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We charge and Application Fee to all participants, excluding Hillsborough County School Bands, JROTC Units, Elementary School groups, Middle School Groups, and High School Groups to help defray parade expenses.

All MacDill AFB Companies and Branches of the United States Military are also invited to march in the #TampaBayVeteransParade. We would be honored to include you in the parade line up. Thank You For Your Service

Terms and Conditions:

  1. That all participants in your Parade Unit will participate at your risk and you will be responsible for the protection of your Parade Unit participants against illness, bodily injury and/or property damage suffered in connection with the operation of your Parade Unit.
  2. You shall indemnify and hold harmless the Veterans’ Parade Group, Inc. and its officers, directors and agents against any loss, damage or claim (“Claim”) arising out of or in connection with your participation in or other involvement with the Parade, other than any Claim that arises out of the Veterans’ Day Parade Group, Inc.’s own gross negligence or willful misconduct.
  3. Insurance Coverage:
    You will obtain liability insurance coverage in an amount not less than $300,000 per occurrence on a claims made basis, which shall be effective to protect against any Claim arising on and throughout November 9, 2013 against you in connection with the Parade.
  4. Insurance Declaration Page:
    You must attach to this Application a copy of the certificate of insurance, showing the Veterans’ Day Parade Group, Inc.” as an additional insured (contact your insurance agent), from a reputable insurance company.
  5. Monitor requirements:
    1. Every float or motorized unit must have adult (18 & older) monitors that walk with their unit to protect any children that may jump out into the parade route to retrieve candy and beads.
    2. Monitors are expected to “look & listen” and not pass out beads or candy.
    3. Car/Truck with Trailer or Float from 12-40 ft = 4 monitors 45-80 ft = 3 monitors
    4. Walking Units (supported by golf carts or wagons) must provide one adult monitor per 10 children
    5. Children under 7 yrs. may not walk but may ride on a float or vehicle
  6. Drivers:
    Float or motorized vehicle DRIVERS are NEVER permitted to throw candy/beads at any time along the Parade Route. It is imperative that these individuals are focused solely on safe driving and people surrounding them.
  7. Candy and Beads:
    No tossing or launching of beads, candy or
    any other objects is permitted from Parade Units.
  8. Supply location:
    If a trailer/float is being used, all bins/coolers with extra candy, beads and/or water used for the walkers, if possible, be stored at the back of the vehicle vs. on the sides. This will help prevent any injuries to the walkers if the vehicle is stopped and then starts moving while they are still standing next to it.
  9. Live Stock:
    If your Parade Unit is comprised of any animal(s), you will provide a clean-up crew to follow your Parade Unit throughout the Parade.
    All equestrian Parade Units must be organized to enter the Parade.
  10. You and each participant in your Parade Unit will fully comply with and be bound by the Rules described of this Application.