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You Made the Parade a huge success

Parade VolunteersBecause of all of you the 2017 #TampaBayVeteransParade was a huge success. The Parade Committee and Volunteers would like to thank all of you for your politeness and lining up where the Marshals directed your group to march on Saturday. Terry spends many hours setting the lineup. It is important your unit marches in the position assigned as we have loud units, quiet units, musical units, cadence units, and so forth.

Terry attempts to balance the parade units to keep the people along the route entertained always. When units reposition their unit as they like they seriously disrupt the continuity of the #TampaBayVeteransParade. When marching units are surrounded by loud music or motorcycle engines it makes it difficult to hear their cadence. As well as when a musical unit is surrounded by units with loud speakers then the crowd cannot hear the musical unit perform. I am very thankful to our participants and unit commanders as you all are aware of these issues and follow the directions of the Marshals explicitly. As has happened in the past units that fail to comply or are belligerent to the Marshals are disinvited from participating in future parades. I am thankful our participants are respectful and courteous to our volunteers and it is very, very, very rarely that a unit has been disinvited. I know we have great volunteers. I also know we have GREAT PARADE PARTICIPANTS! Because of all of you the 2017 #TampaBayVeteransParade was a great success. We welcome back all Parade Units and Commanders who were respectful and courteous to our Volunteers.

Don’t Forget to Early Register 2018 by Saturday November 19, 2017

Use the Link on the Parade Flyer.

See you in the 2018 #TampaBayVeteransParade.

Stay Safe and Thank Our Veterans!