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Parade Route landmarks
Is there a theme we need you use?

It may sound obvious, but as the Veterans Day Parade we are saluting our Veterans thanking them for their service & celebrating patriotism. So please use your decor to Salute those who fight for our Freedom & Celebrate the freedom they fight to protect.

Can we throw candy, beads or other things from floats or cars?

NO! This practice is not allowed as it can be dangerous. People run into the street to collect thrown items & can be injured by vehicles. People can walk with your vehicles & hand things to spectators. PLEASE stop briefly to allow people on or off safely. No one should board or dismount a moving vehicle.

Where do I go?

From Hanley Road turn East on Custer Ave. Turn right (south) on Armand Dr pull up to the Right Hand turn at the gate to the Baseball Ave Staging Area to drop of marchers.

Can we park on the street?

THERE IS NO PARKING ON THIS STREET. The only stopping allowed will be for Parade vehicles to check in. Otherwise please keep moving as traffic gets very heavy on Armand Dr.

What time do I have to arrive for the Parade?

The Staging Area is open at 7:00am Saturday Morning and getting the over 2500 participants in the right place takes time.

Why do we have to arrive so early?

Staging is not a quick process. Hanley will be blocked to traffic at 9:00 AM SHARP. You won't be able to get in. This is a great time to meet new friends, set up your group, and say hi to the friends you met last year.

Where does the Parade start?

Parade-Route-landmarksThe Parade turns south onto Hanley road at Barry Ave. We continue south on Hanley Road to Paula Ave and turn west until we pass the Library.

What is the Staging Area?

The Staging Area is the place your group will assemble while waiting for the parade to start.


This year we are having everyone pull down to the corner next to the entrance to BaseBall Ave. off people. The Participants then proceed to Baseball Ave Staging Area. If you then wish to escort them to the staging area please park in a designated space and return asap as parking spaces are limited.


VDP-Staging-Area-Map-v2014If you are a Float and Large Vehicle proceed to the Soccer Drive Staging area and check in with Parade Marshal


Busses are to use the Morgan Woods North Parking Lot to drop off Band and School participants. The Participants then proceed to Baseball Ave Staging Area. Bands, JROTC, and School Groups will stage on Baseball Avenue south of Morgan Woods School. VDP-Staging-Area-Map-v2014

Where is the staging area for small vehicles and WALKING participants?

If you are a Band, Scout Troop, JROTC, or have a mixture of small vehicles with walking participants organization leaders need to check in with Joe Vetrano at the information desk before entering the staging area on Baseball Ave. There are Volunteers in the Baseball Ave Staging are who will guide you to your area. Please follow their instructions during staging and the duration of the parade. VDP-Staging-Area-Map-v2014

We have lots of people meeting us where do we meet?

If you are arriving separately make sure everyone knows the staging position assigned and meet there. VDP-Staging-Area-Map-v2014

Why can't I drive them back to the staging area?

The staging area is not for general traffic. The only vehicles allowed into the staging area are actually part of the Parade. This is for safety.

What do I do at the end of the Parade?

All Vehicles and participants will be directed to turn Right on Ambassador Dr. in front of Cacciatore's and keep moving. Be certain to set a meeting place for your group past the Library or perhaps toward U Save.

Where and when do I pick up my children?

The group with whom your child is walking should arrange a meeting place ahead of time. Be certain to have telephone numbers for adults involved.

Are there bathrooms to use?

Yes there are public restrooms at the walkers' staging area. Park in Morgan Woods's lot. The Carnival is also providing restrooms near the Grandstand close to the end of the Parade route.

Mission Statement

The Veterans Day Parade Group, Inc., is an all volunteer non-profit organization. Our mission: is to organize and execute the Tampa Bay Veterans Day Parade. To honor and thank all U.S. Military Veterans for their sacrifices, promote patriotism in our community, perpetuate a positive image of American Veterans, and foster pride in service to our country.